What is Breast Reconstruction?


Breast reconstruction that heals your body and mind

Breast reconstruction is a type of surgery aimed to recreating the breasts of patients who have undergone a mastectomy (surgical removal of breasts). Because breasts are closely tied to female identity, a breast reconstruction surgery can help you regain confidence and help you transform back to your old self.

It used to be that breast reconstructions were only performed at university hospitals, until recently. Few private hospitals provided simple reconstruction procedures using breast implants. Since breast reconstruction using autologous tissue requires a lot of experience and knowledge, the number of qualified surgeons is limited.

Breast Reconstruction Procedures

There are two types of surgery to restore the breast: autologous tissue and implant. After a few months, the breast mound is reconstructed, and the nipples can be inserted. The new nipples will be tattooed to match the nipple on the other side


Breast Reconstruction Using Autologous Tissues

Tissues (skin, fat, muscles) collected from the back, hips and lower abdomen is applied to the breasts. Autologous tissue creates natural looking and feeling breasts, with no palpable foreign body.

Breast Reconstruction Using Fat Grafting

Breast reconstruction using fat grafting is generally performed on those who have undergone a partial mastectomy. But recently, it is now being performed on patients who have had a complete mastectomy.

Although this surgery has a simplicity advantage, on operation will not be enough. You may need 2-3 procedures for satisfactory results.

Breast Reconstruction Using Breast Implants

This operation method is recommended to:

  • Those who are thin and have small breasts.
  • Those who don’t have enough tissues on their abdomen and back.
  • Those who don’t want to use autologous tissue.

Breast reconstruction is recommended for the following people:

  • Those who have lost one or both breasts after breast cancer.
  • Those who have asymmetrical breasts due to partial mastectomy.
  • Those whose breasts were damaged in an accident or because of inflammation.
  • Those who did not develop breasts due to a congenital condition.

Types of Breast Reconstruction using Breast Implants

Single Stage Reconstruction Using Breast Implants

When the skin has been preserved and only the breast tissue has been removed, the single stage reconstruction method using implants can be performed.

Multi Stage Reconstruction Using Breast Implants

This method is used when the skin, areola, nipple, and breast tissues are completely removed.

In order to extend the skin, a tissue expander is inserted and pumped with a saline solution periodically. When the skin is properly expanded, the tissue expander is replaced with an implant. The nipples and areolas will be reconstructed later.