What is Buttock Augmentation?


Buttock Augmentation for a more attractive and fuller bottom and hip line

Having a round, elastic and voluptuous bottom is one of the crucial parts to create one’s attractive back hipline. Thus women who want to improve their look are interested in buttock enhancement.

Types of Buttock Augmentation and Operational Procedures

Cherie Group Medical’s Harvest Jet 2 Fat Transplantation on Buttocks

Fat harvested from the patient’s own belly and thighs is separated, and in order to create a natural-looking volume only pure fat is transplanted to the are of upper buttocks. Often times thigh liposuction is combined with this procedure to achieve a more appealing contour for the patient’s thigh line.


Cherie Group Medical’s Implant Grafting

  • This operation creates raised buttocks by grafting implants inside the buttock muscles.
  • Great contouring for those whose buttocks are excessively flat and those whose harvestable fat is not enough.
  • The scar is invisible as the implant is grafted through an incision area of the size of 4cm between hipbones.
  • More successful enhancements can be realized rather than mere fat transplantation.
  • Fat transplantation can be combined in order to create natural contouring.
  • The effects are permanent.

Buttock Augmentation is recommended if:

  • You have excessively flat or sagging buttocks.
  • Your legs appear shorter due to their sagging bottom.
  • You want to improve their back hipline.
  • Your hipbone is small or whose buttocks are asymmetrical.