Can You Get Your Dental Bonding Whitened ?

Can You Get Your Dental Bonding Whitened?

If you’re wondering can you whiten composite bonding, this article might help answer your questions about how to whiten composite bonding. To learn more about composite bonding and can composite bonding be whitened, read on.

What is Dental Bonding?

How to whiten composite bonding is a somewhat complex question. Before answering the question of can composite bonding be whitened, you should know a few things about composite bonding.

First, composite bonding is when your dentist bonds your tooth-colored composite resin to one or more of your natural teeth. Afterwards, they are shaped so that the teeth regain their natural appearance. It is used to fill the spaces between cracked and chipped teeth and also to change the color and shape of the teeth.   Composite bonding usually makes minor cosmetic corrections to the smile and is much less expensive than veneers and crowns. Since some of the tooth enamel is removed in veneers and crowns, it is irreversible and more difficult to do. The answer for the question of “can you whiten composite bonding” is very related about the structure of the bonding material.

Why Would Someone Need to Get Teeth Bonding?

Composite bonding helps aesthetically:

  • diastema (gaps between teeth)
  • cracked or chipped teeth
  • discolored teeth

In addition, composite bonding process is frequently used to equalize the shape, color and size of the teeth and the teeth do not look like they were made. Composite bonding is generally used for fillings and veneers.

Why Does Bonding Material Stain, But Not Whiten?

Natural tooth enamel has a porous structure and stains penetrate these pores, creating a colorless appearance on the surface layer.

The bleaching agents in tooth whitening systems penetrate the deeper layers of the porous structure of tooth enamel. However, tooth bonding material works a little differently. The resin used in dental bonding stains much more slowly than the pores in the enamel, thanks to its non-porous structure. This is the most important reason why the question “can you whiten composite bonding” is somewhat problematic.

As a definitive answer to the question of can you whiten composite bonding, teeth whitening with composite bonding is not recommended. If the bonding restoration is stained, it will be difficult to teeth whitening with composite bonding. Because the non-porous structure of the bonding material prevents the bleaching agents in tooth whitening treatments from affecting the color of the restoration. Bleaching after tooth bonding makes natural teeth shiny and does not change the color of the bonding material. This creates a color difference between the natural tooth and the bonding material and causes the bonded part of the tooth to appear stained. That’s why teeth whitening with composite bonding is not a very useful procedure. You will have more information about the question of “can you whiten composite bonding” later in the article. We will be talking about how to whiten composite bonding.

Whiten Your Teeth Before Getting Dental Bonding

Teeth whitening before a dental procedure is a good approach for a brighter smile. This is important to know before asking the question can composite bonding be whitened. This is a simple procedure that will not affect the dental bonding restoration.

Can Bonded Teeth Be Whitened?

The resin material used for tooth bonding gets stained over time. But after the composite is stained, as we mentioned before, for the question of “can you whiten composite bonding”, whitening treatments are not effective. Whitening treatments make the teeth a different shade from the bonding material and cause them to look stained. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, whitening only reduces the bonding strength of teeth. Therefore, the most correct answer to the question of can composite bonding be whitened is that teeth whitening should be done before composite bonding.

When Should I Whiten My Bonded Teeth?

As mentioned above, for the teeth to reach their whitest state, teeth whitening should be done before bonding.

After these procedures, it is necessary to continue to do oral care regularly and well and to keep teeth white with touch-up treatments.

Some of the whitening treatments you can have before getting your teeth done are as follows:

  • teeth whitening strips
  • whitening kits
  • professional in-office whitening
  • also whitening pens might be effective solution for your “can you whiten composite bonding” search.

Apart from all these, if you want another method about can whiten composite bonding, lemon peel may also be worth a try.

How to Whiten Bonded Teeth at Home?

If you wonder, can you whiten composite bonding at home there are a few tricks you should know. With traditional method, teeth whitening with composite bonding will not work.

But for how to whiten composite bonding you can try some methods. With tactics about “how to whiten bonded teeth at home” , you can prevent tooth stains or try to remove them as they arise.

Tips for Keeping Your Smile Bright After Dental Bonding

There are some applications you can do after dental composite bonding. These applications help you to prolong the whiteness of your teeth and your bright smile.

For teeth whitening with composite bonding, care should be taken about oral hygiene. In this sense, it is very important to brush the teeth twice a day and using floss once a day. This is one of the most important steps to do for how to whiten bonded teeth at home.

Drinks such as cola, tea, coffee, and foods such as tomato sauce, strawberry, curry contain high pigment in their structure. And for this reason, such foods and drinks increase the formation of stains on the teeth. Avoiding or minimizing the consumption of these foods and drinks is very helpful in terms of avoiding tooth stains. Stain-free teeth will help you a lot in how to whiten composite bonding.

When consuming beverages that may stain teeth, use a straw to minimize contact of these beverages with the teeth.

Tobacco smoke contains nicotine and tar, and these substances cause yellow or stained teeth. For this reason, not smoking is an important issue for spotless teeth.

However, you should visit your dental hygienist twice a year for regular scales and polishes.

How to Remove Stains from Bonded Teeth at Home

If you want to know about “how to whiten bonded teeth at home first, you should know that there are two options. These options are according to the intensity of the stains:

“If the appearance of the stains is more like scratches, you can get a good polish from your dentist once a year. Using a good polish can remove stains and make the teeth shine again. This method is a correct answer to your question “how to whiten bonded teeth at home”.

Changing the bonding may be a better option for you if your bond is more than ten years old or has broken for some reason. Although your teeth are still shiny, they look darker than before, you may need to replace the stained resin on your teeth with another bonding. When applying this process, choose a resin suitable for your tooth color.

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