Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is a painless hair transplant procedure that uses the most advanced treatment technologies. The DHI method is a hair transplant procedure that takes into account the convenience of the transplant surgeon and his team. as well as the look of the patient.

Thanks to the DHI hair transplant systems developed by leading medical companies, hair transplantation has become more efficient and modern than ever.


For rooted hair to be transplanted hair roots need to be removed from the area. Since the operation is performed by a DHI method device, the area operated will not have any holes and new roots are placed directly into the old roots’ location.


As it is not necessary to open channels in the area to be used, more roots can be planted and this allows for a denser planting.


By using this technique, the healing process is shorter than other methods.

The most important advantage of the DHI method is by far the density of the implants.


Thanks to the hair transplant device used in this method, the hair roots are moved directly in the desired location, resulting in a more natural look. Owing to the use of nano-tip devices for hair transplantation, the level of bleeding is as low as possible.