What Is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Double eyelid surgery is a mostly cosmetic surgery that creates a fold in the upper lid on the person of which the individual either lacked said fold on the eyelids or was dissatisfied by the current look of it. Even though this procedure is done mostly cosmetic purposes, in some cases this reason defer from cosmetic to a medical reason such as “droopy eyelid or inward-growing eyelashes but mostly double eyelid surgery is a cosmetical operation. People who went through double eyelid surgery look to the others as more bright and warm-blooded to the others. Double eyelid surgery is the most applied type of cosmetic surgery. Double eyelid surgery is most common amongst asian region of the world and often refered as korean or asian eyelid surgery.


There are four different types of double eyelid surgery methods which consist of: incision method, non,incision method (buried suture) and partial incision.  Prefered method is based on the patient’s eyelid type, thickness of the skin, fat layer hiding beneath the eye skin, strength of the eye opening muscle and the doctor will consider these factors first.

eye surgery

Alar reduction and bulbous tip correction are recommended for:

  • People with large nasal alae whose nose seems big and spread out.
  • People with a bulbous nose and big alar.
  • People who have a round nose tip.
  • People with thick skin and fat on the alar.
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30 mins – 1 hour



2 – 3 Visits



5 – 7 days after the operation



Not Required



Sedation or Local Anesthesia



1 – 2 Weeks

In-fold type is the most common with Korean people. The eyelid starts from inside of the epicanthal fold (located at the end of the eye that is closer to the nose) and gets a bigger shape along with the eye line. The shape of the fold is natural looking and the line is invisible near the epicanthal fold.

Most people from western nations have this double eyelid crease. It makes patients' eyes look bigger, however, this authentic double eyelid line has no equal around the double eyelid types of the asian people. Since it makes the eyes look bigger, it goes well with people with bigger eyes.

It is a mix of both in and out-fold styles. It gives a brighter look to the eyes of the patients.


These fold types,  again, will be discussed with the doctor beforehand to make sure to find the perfect fold type for the people who are looking for the gaze they want from double eyelid surgery.

The operation takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour and uses sedation or local anesthesia. Hospital stay is not necessary, stitches will be removed about a week later and recovery period is about 1 to 2 weeks after the surgery.