What is Face Lift


As we age, certain changes occur in our bodies. This condition becomes apparent on our face due to factors like gravity, exposure to sunlight, use of facial expressions, etc. In addition, the use of harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco, etc. further increases these negative effects.


Face Lifting/Rejuvenation Surgery is performed on patients in a very advantageous way to eliminate the changes that occur with aging, as mentioned above.


During the lifting operation, excess skin is removed, adipose tissue (adipose tissue) is tensed and, if necessary, placed under the skin, thus creating completeness, which makes the lifting process more flexible and sutured with special cosmetics. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. and will stay in hospital for 1 night after surgery. The incision marks begin on the scalp at the temple and point back under the earlobe and end on the scalp. In this way, no trace of the sutures is visible. Even if recovery after surgery shows changes from one person to another, it is possible for patients to return to their normal social life in a 2-3 week period.