What is Fat Transfer Surgery?


Fat Transfer is It’s possible to experience sagging skin, and fine wrinkles that come from using facial muscles and weight loss from one’s face weight with age.

A lot of younger people may look older than their age because of a flat face look. The anti aging procedure’s aim is grafting fat into wrinkles, hollows and a flat face, the to create a younger appearance. Fat transfer surgery as offered by Cherie Group Medical is known by the names fat grafting or fat injection. It will make you look younger by injecting your own fat into an area where it needs the volume. The common areas for fat transfer are forehead, temples, nasolabial lines, front cheeks and chin.

Not only will it improve fine wrinkles around your face, but also give you a brighter, more gentle look. Unlike fillers, fat transfer can be used to treat larger areas and once the fat is grafted it lasts permanently.


How is the fat transfer performed?

Fat cells are removed with a very small cannula and then prepared as fat grafts. The fat grafts are then transferred to the wrinkle or defect area by means of a small needle or needle.

Since these transplanted fat cells are yours, they will not be rejected. Although some reabsorption of transferred fat occurs, fat grafts last significantly longer than most hyaluronic acid fillers. Because fat grafts are their own tissue, they are an integral part of the soft and normal tissue that is indistinguishable from the original soft tissue in the area.

Lipofilling is performed in Istanbul in accredited hospitals in Istanbul, wih the help of Cherie Group Medical. Depending on your needs, the fat transplant procedure takes from 30 minutes for very light corrections to 3 hours for larger restorations (for chest or buttocks).

Fat grafting can be performed under local anesthesia as a single procedure. When fat transfer or fat autotransplantation is combined with another cosmetic surgical procedure, it is performed under general anesthesia as needed.

Autologous fat transfer is recommended for you if:

  • Your cheeks consist of sunken or indented skin under the cheekbones that causes your face to appear more distinctive and older than your actual age.
  • Your smile folds are so noticeable that they cause your face to appear older than their actual age.
  • You have concerns about your flat forehead, short chin, and flat cheeks.
  • You want to receive fat transfer from around their temples, nose, lips and backs of their hands.