In Turkey, a wide variety of hair, beard and brow transplant methods are used. FUE (Follicular Unite Transplantation) method is the new state of the art technology in the hair transplantation world.

With FUE technique, the procedure starts with the local anesthesia to the donor area, the area in the back and sides of your head between two ears, followed by the individual extraction of the follicular units together with the surrounding microscopic tissue by using special tools appropriate for the thickness of the hair (0,6 – 0,9 mm) with no pain, no cutting, no scar or stitching. Then, the extracted follicular units are placed in the recipient hairless area.

In FUE technique, firstly local anesthesia is applied to the local area of the body in a way that covers

In the FUE technique, the procedure begins with local anesthesia of the donor area, the area behind and on the side of the head between the two ears, followed by extraction of the individual follicular units together with the surrounding microscopic tissue using suitable specialized tools. for hair thickness (0.6 – 0.9 mm) painless, without cuts, without spots or stitches. The extracted follicular units are then placed in the hairless recipient area.

The planting process is completed in roughly about 4 to 8 hours in a single day without taking too much of your time. After all, no one wants to wait too long. There will be no swelling on the head, no bruising around the eyes, no pain or no bleeding. All we are saying is that you should use the medicine prescribed by your doctor carefully for a week and follow our advice for a few days. If you pay attention to these points. We will complete the period after implantation without any trouble.

Hair Wash:

The first hair wash is done by us on the 3 days after the transplant and we explain to you in detail how to wash your hair. Washing your hair as explaine will stop itching or clots in the implant area.

Hair Growth Process :

The period of one month after transplantation is the period of “shock loss”, also known as the anagen phase. This means that transplanted strands of hair fall out due to improper nutrition or exposure to air currents within a few days of adaptation. Although it is common, this does not mean that all patients will experience this period or that all transplanted hair will fall out. It is not a problem to shed some or all of the edges of the applied hair.


This is a normal phase.


By the third month, the applied hairs begin to grow gradually and come out on the scalp. This means you can easily see your hair growing. In the sixth month, the process will be halfway, which means that half of the transplanted hair will grow. In 8 months minimum, 18 months maximum, the implanted hair grows completely and the process is complete and you can go about your life with a fully grown set of hair.