How To Remove Stains From Teeth

There are several processes that need to be done as a stain remover for teeth. Oral hygiene and dental health are very important in the field of personal care because once displaced teeth are irreversible. One of the easiest ways to assess the health of teeth are to examine tooth stains.

Tooth stains can be quite annoying and inhibiting for both social life and career. Even though stains are scary, there are many methods of teeth stain remover, and we will be discussing it in this article. As the best teeth whitening Turkey address, you can look at this page that will help you.

Before moving on to the topic of how to remove stains from teeth instantly, it is useful to examine the types of tooth stains. And why and how they occur.

Tooth discoloration is divided into intrinsic and extrinsic and age-related. Extrinsic, stains only affect the enamel and tooth surface. The most common cause of extrinsic stains are foods, tobacco products and beverages. Intrinsic stains often appear grayish and are a little more difficult to remove. Some drugs, trauma to the tooth, tooth decay and too much fluoride are effective on intrinsic stains. In age-related tooth stains, the enamel begins to erode depend on age, and these color changes can be caused by both external and internal factors.


Use Whitening Toothpaste

As an effective teeth stain remover method, regular brushing is the safest way to clean teeth at home, and if done regularly, it allows many stains on the teeth to disappear over time.

Brands like Crest 3D and Colgate Max White are pretty good stain removers for teeth that aren’t too deep. Also, the frequency and style of brushing the teeth is also very important as teeth stain remover. As a common and widely used teeth stain remover, it is important to brush the teeth 2 times a day, from the bottom up. But brushing more than 2 times can lead to loss of tooth enamel. In addition, ignoring the back of the teeth while brushing can cause dark stains that gradually spread forward in these areas. And finally, although it is difficult to use dental floss, it is very important as teeth stain remover.

Use Baking Soda

Mix a few large spoons of baking soda, a few drops of water and a paste. This mixture is a sodium compound, which is a type of salt, and rubbing this mixture on the teeth before brushing is good as a teeth stain remover, thanks to the slightly abrasive nature of the salt.

Apply Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a black powder obtained by heating wood without oxygen and using this substance carefully and sparingly can give excellent results as teeth stain remover. However, if not used in moderation as a teeth stain remover, the enamel can be worn, and the tooth surface may become rougher. For this reason, it is one of the methods that should be taken extra care when using.

Apply Hydrogen Peroxide

The main ingredient in teeth bleaching is peroxide. Mostly hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are used. Peroxide has the feature of attacking the molecules that give color to the teeth and destroying these molecules with the oxygen it contains.

As another stain remover for teeth, hydrogen peroxide is an effective and natural whitening substance. A paste should be made with one spoonful of hydrogen peroxide and three spoons of baking soda. If you are looking for how to remove stains from teeth instantly, you should know that the difference is usually seen 1 week after using this method.

Rub With Fruit Peel

Fruit peels have a beneficial effect as a teeth stain remover thanks to the citric acid they contain. After brushing, rubbing the teeth with any fruit peel such as banana, tangerine, lemon can contribute to the clean and healthy appearance of the teeth.  Rub your teeth with the inside of the fruit peel for two minutes and then rinse your mouth. This method has the same effects as using a vinegar and water solution to clean the stained glass on the tooth. When this application is done 2-3 times a week, plaque formation on the teeth and tooth stains will decrease.

Consume A Better Diet

Consuming too much tea, coffee, red wine, and smoking invites stains. Even if you do not cut them completely, consuming them in moderation will allow you to have a few tones whiter teeth after a while. In addition to being an effective teeth stain remover, this method will also help you get rid of toothaches that cause headaches.

Tooth Whitening Strips

If you are in search of visible results in how to remove stains from teeth instantly, whitening strips may be a good choice for you. These are thin plastic strips coated with carbamide peroxide gel and the gel is pressed against tooth enamel to clean it. A few minutes after this procedure, the strip should be removed, and the mouth should be rinsed with warm water. These strips are available in major brands such as Oral-B. As a stain remover for teeth, it should be used 3 days a week for the most efficient effect. More than this frequency of use can put you at risk of losing tooth enamel or tooth sensitivity.

Eat Fruits

Although eating fruits and vegetables may seem like general health advice, it is also a very beneficial action as teeth stain remover. Many fruits have an irregular texture and when chewed, they rub against the tooth surface and act as teeth stain removal. Eating hard fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples, and celery stalks is a natural method of cleaning teeth, and this action also strengthens the gums. It is also claimed that papaya and pineapple are good for tooth stains. Because papaya contains papain, pineapple contains bromelain. And these are protease enzymes that break down protein in the body and digestive enzymes that can dissolve tooth stains.

Tooth Whitening Pens

If you are looking for how to remove stains from teeth instantly, this method may be useful for stain remover for teeth. Teeth whitening pens contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which we also mentioned as a separate topic in this article.

After applying the teeth whitening pens to the tooth, it should be waited for a while for the whitener to break down the plaque. In addition, teeth whitening pens are a product that you can carry with you at any time, as they are easy to carry.

Ultrasonic Scaling

Ultrasound is a painless procedure as a stain remover for teeth which is performed at the dentist and does not harm the teeth at all. It is a type of dental cleaning that goes below the gum line to remove plaque formation. After this procedure, the doctor may recommend polishing to make the tooth surface smoother.

Many dentists also provide teeth whitening treatments, and they do so use compounds such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.


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