Liposuction, known as the lipid removal process, aims to remove lipids, which have accumulated in certain parts of the body, from the body itself by suction.

Everyone wants to look more aesthetic and fit, but even reaching the ideal weight, the number of people who cannot get rid of regional fat deposits (regional lipoidosis) seems to be relatively high. You can get away from the excess lipids available on the body and achieve the look you want through the liposuction involved at this particular time.


The procedure of liposuction, as it becomes clear and understandable from its definition, is a muscle building operation. Liposuction is a type of surgical procedure that applies to all parts of the body that are high in lipids and that are performed by plastic surgeons under general anesthesia. As part of liposuction methods, laser and vaser applications are performed in our center. After a medical examination to be performed by our specialist doctors, the operating mode is determined and the indicated operation planned accordingly.

Operation Stages and Post-Operation Period

The stages of the liposuction process may show changes according to the area due to be applied on. Our patients are generally discharged on the same day after the operation. They can continue their social life within an approximate period of 1 week. The most important point to pay attention in this respect is to abstain from heavy exercises for an approximate period of 1 month after the operation.