What is plastic surgery using prosthesis

Forehead Contour Surgery

Forehead contouring surgery gives you a better appearance by reshaping an uneven, narrow, or wide forehead.

A flat forehead can be a more obvious feature that goes in the way of your perfect look. The Face Contour Surgery might the only thing that you require to achieve your peak beauty.


A short chin can make the boundary between the neck and the face hard to distinguish and it can make someone’s expression awkward.

Genioplasty provides better balance to the facial features by lengthening a short chin. A chin implant might be what you need to look your fullest.


Long Face Surgery is recommended if you:

  • You have a long face and a protruding mouth.
  • You have long chin.
  • You have a long face due to overdeveloped jaw.
  • Have teeth and gums overly exposed.
  • You mental troubles caused by your face structure.
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Approx. 1 hour



2 – 3 Times



1 – 2 weeks after the operation



A day patient



Short-term sedation or general anesthesia



Return to daily activity within 3~5 days after operation

Types and surgical methods of JW’s plastic surgery using prosthesis

#1 | Forehead Contouring Surgery

You might want a Forehead Contouring surgery if:
  • You have a forehead that has excessive curvature
  • You have a flat forehead.
  • Your forehead looks flat due to pronounced brow ridges.
  • You have undergone plastic surgery but still want change on your forehead.

Various Procedures Available


Autoplasty is suitable for people whose forehead is not excessively flat or has some hollows. In this procedure, fat is collected form thighs or abdomen and applied into the forehead through centrifugation. A very small amount of fat is injected into multiple layers of forehead to maintain constant absorption rate while preventing formation of depressions.

In autoplasty, a syringe is used to carry out the procedure so no scars will remain on the forehead.


If your forehead is too flat for your liking or if you want to elevate your forehead among your features, then forehead augmentation should be your choice. One to two weeks before an operation, a plaster cast of your forehead should be taken.

Based on this cast, we design a forehead shape and produce a customized silicon prosthesis. Then, we implant this prosthesis into the forehead to create a beautiful shape.

Through this procedure, you can attain a beautiful forehead permanently. A beautiful shape that will last forever is good choice for many people.


People who have a severe depression on their forehead can’t expect perfect results with filler. However, filler is one of the easiest procedures you can do to your forehead, and you can return to normal life afterwards. It is by far one of the least complicated plastic surgery procedures you can get. Also, there are a variety of option of fillers. You can get a filler injection for your forehead, there are lip fillers which are very popular, you can get chin fillers, jawline fillers and many more. It can’t show perfect result with severe cases but you can get perfect results if you want minor improvements.


Although you can go back to your daily life the moment you leave the hospital, you can experience mild swelling for two to three days. Which will be no cause for alarm and should not get in the way of your daily life.