What is Protruding Chin Surgery?

Protruding chin surgery usually refers to the shape of the chin when it is positioned outward, causing the face to look long. Classification for protruding chin is divided as two to accurately classify the cases. These are Macrogenia and mandibular Prognathism.

The first one (Macrogenia) is the condition where only one part of the chin is over-developed and there are no abnormalities with the orthodontic state, the occlusion and mandible exists.

The latter (Mandibular Prognathism) is the condition where the lower front teeth are farther forward than the upper front teeth because of the overgrowth of the mandible.

In general, protruding chin refers to the case where the lower jaw or mouth protrudes forward, and the face is long. To accurately classify the protruding chin, it can be divided into two; Macrogenia and Mandibular Prognathism.


Surgery Methods


If the occlusion is normal but only the chin structure is over-developed, this situation can easily be corrected via chin reduction surgery.


This method is used when it is the case of Mandibular Prognathism. The method itself is a technique of moving the lower jaw backward in a way that puts less burden on the jaw joint and protects the lower jaw nerves at the same time.

At this time, the sagittal split ramus osteotomy (SSRO) is performed to cut and overlap the posterior part of the jawbone to fix the protruding lower jaw.

Protruding chin surgery is recommended to you if:

  • You have a long face and a protruding chin.
  • Your lower face and chin are too long.
  • You have a sunken mid-face due to a developed lower jaw.
  • You have functional disorders due to malocclusion.

Two Jaw Surgery

If the patient’s face is long or short, then the situation requires an upper jaw surgery as well as a lower jaw surgery, known as “Two jaw surgery”.

Two jaw surgery, or double jaw surgery, is a surgery that the lower jaw osteotomy is done simultaneously with an upper jaw osteotomy that is cutting an upper jaw from the upper teeth to the lower part of the nose.