What is Ptosis Correction (Levator)?

Blepharoptosis means droopy upper eyelids which are caused by nerve issues or myasthenia gravis covering certain parts of the iris which is also this operation is commonly called as lazy eyelid correction. Some people have naturally droopy eyelids and others have saggy eyelids caused by aging.


Apart from looking like a person that is limited  to only 20 minute sleep everyday, droopy eyes also make people force their forehead muscles to open up their eyes, over a long period of time and slowly but surely causing them to develop forehead wrinkles and headaches.  In ptosis correction, the eye-opening muscles will be pulled upward which helps revitalize sleepy and droopy eyes.

Ptosis Correction

Incision ptosis correction revitalizes the drowsy looking gaze and gives the patients a more alive and refreshed eye shape.

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Incision Ptosis Correction is recommended to:

  • Those whose eyelids cover over one-third (1/3) of the pupil.
  • Those who often hear that they look sleepy.
  • Those whose eyelids are sagging with a large volume of eyelid fat.
  • Those whose eyes look overly sleepy.
  • Those whose eyes are severely asymmetric.

The Procedure of Incision Ptosis Correction

Incision Ptosis Correction can be performed by reduction of upper eyelid muscle or surgery of Müller’s muscle depending on the level of blepharoptosis. Depending on the strength of the patient’s strength of muscles that pull open the eyelids, which may determine the method that will be used upon said patient.


The procedure starts with a consultation among the patient and the doctor to determine the current eye condition, then the doctor designs a customized eye shape that the patient finds ideal and is medically the best option. A small puncture is made to the double eyelid line and the eyelid muscles and tarsal plate are pulled and readjusted, after that, the procedure is complete and the patient now has a more lively and rested look in his/her eyes.

Non-incision Ptosis Correction

Non-incision Ptosis Correction however is for the patients that has enough power to open their eyes, has light drooping or hooded upper lids, has lighter fat tissue in the eyelids or has an adequate thickness of the skin around upper eyelids. No incisions are made during the operation so returning to daily activities is possible right after the surgery.