What Is Rewind Incision Lower Blepharoplasty?

As we age, the eyelids’ skin becomes thin and the muscles around the eyes lose their former glory. The skin under the eyes loses its elasticity, becoming saggy with some caresses forming thus bringing an aged look that comes with it. The layer that covers the fat inside the skin starts to lose its supporting capacity and the fat slowly leaks from the layer. Regardless of the age, these changes cause dark circles around the eyes. The combination of saggy skin under the eyes and the dark circles makes person’s look much older than his or her age  as well as a worried or stressed appearance.

We recommend REWIND Incision Lower blepharoplasty for:

  • Those whose under-eye skin is sagging and has bulging fat.
  • Those who want to remove smile lines and sagging cheeks.
  • Those who wish to rejuvenate their face and look younger.
  • Those who want to look young without changing their facial image.
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Rewind Incision Lower Blepharoplasty Procedure

The doctor will make an incision below the eyes, an incision on the orbicularis oculi muscle core. Muscle Preservation Orbicularis oculi muscle is an eye closing muscle that must be preserved to the fullest to maintain their function. Long incisions make surgery easier, but doctors will use minimal incisions to maintain nerve preservation, tension and prevent eye strain. Then the doctor will peel  some of the skin tissues off the core, then the doctor will raise the protruding fat under the eyes up to improve sag and Move the fat in front of the eyes down to the furrow under the eyes to create a more younger look then the doctor will fix the orbicularis oculi muscle.Removing the outer fat will make the cheekbone more visible so it will not be touched. After that, the skin will be lifted and stitched. The operation takes around one to two hours and the patient can go back to his or her normal life after two to three days.