What is Rhinoplasty


Nasal surgery involves permanent adjustment of the nose and aesthetic changes in the shape of the nose. The operation lasts about 1 hour and is under general anesthesia and you only need to stay in the hospital for 1 night.

The nose is an organ that is visually in the foreground and is located in the center of the face, and also affects the aesthetic appearance. People differ not only in the form and shape of the face, but also in the structure of the nose.

Due to the preoperative simulation performed by plastic surgeons in our clinic, we perform personal flawless surgical operations on the nose. You will have a natural and aesthetic appearance, if only because the deformities that affect your airways will be eliminated, to ensure that you breathe comfortably.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Step

Rhinoplasty means shaping the nose permanently and changing the shape of the nose aesthetically. The operation takes about 1 hour and under anesthesia and it is enough that you stay in the hospital for 1 night.