Various hair transplant methods have been used in Turkey. Saffire FUE (Follicular Unite Transplantation) technology is the advancement in the area of the hair transplantation world. Sapphires are very valuable as mines. Sapphire, even when wearing a headgear, in the ends are taken from the real sapphire.

During surgery, when performing incisions for hair transplantation, it is better to use a specially manufactured sapphire tip instead of metal elite.

The FUE method using the sapphire tip is not a separate method, but a new type of invention that has just been covered. This application is designed to reduce the process of scabies formation and repair in the area, minimizing the channels into which the hair roots will move, compared to a normal transplant area. With this application, all the signs and possibilities that may arise after a hair transplant are completely reduced.

The sapphire method begins with anesthesia of the donor area under local anesthesia, the back of the head and the side of the head between the ears, followed by removal of the follicular unit together with the surrounding microscopic tissue using a special tool. tool. a tool that adapts to the thickness of the hair (0.6 – 0.9 mm) painlessly, without cutting, without scars and stitches. After extraction, the drainage phase will begin depending on the number of extracted follicular units. The extracted follicular units are then placed one by one in the recipient’s hair follicle.

In the hair transplant procedure, a successful result can only be achieved with the result that matches your own natural hair, and this natural look can only be achieved by the implantation angle, thickness/density and angle of growth of the transplanted hair. Based on these details, the use of sapphire equipment to achieve the highest efficiency is a remarkable detail. Another advantage of using sapphire instruments in the area of ​​hair transplantation is the minimum angle in the abduction phase, which allows the maximum possible number of grafts to be implanted. Therefore, there is a great chance to succeed when it comes to getting the thicker look.

Hair Wash:

The first hair wash is done by us on the 3rd day after transplantation, and we explain and show in detail how to wash your hair. Follow-up for 10-12 days as described, and avoid crusting or clotting on the transplanted area.

Hair Growth Process :

The one-month period after transplantation is the “loss of shock” period, also known as the anagen phase. In other words, the transplanted hairs are secreted due to insufficient nutrition or exposure to air flow during the adaptation period of a few days. However, this does not mean that all patients will have this period or that all of the transplanted hair will fall out. The fact that some or all of the implanted hair falls out is not a problem at all. This is a natural phase.

In the third month, the implanted hair begins to grow slowly and reaches the scalp. Meaning that you might notice your hair growing. By the sixth month, your hairline should be halfway restored. In a minimum of 8 months, a maximum of 18 months, the transplanted hair grows in its entirety and the process is complete.