What Is a Sub-brow Lift?

Sub-brow lift is a type of eye surgery that reduces the loose skin under the eyebrow. Older patients who have thicker skin around their eyelids can end up somewhat unsatisfied with their double eyelid surgery. Droopy eyelids can lead to inflammation, or even infection, around the outer edges of eyelids after the surgery. This may interfere with the patient’s vision, this condition may cause the patients to strain their eye muscles to open their eyes more, this will create wrinkles. This condition can be fixed with the sub-brow eye surgery.

Sub-brow lift is suitable for:

  • Those with a large space between their eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Those with thicker eyelid skin, particularly the middle-aged and elderly.
  • Those with both double eyelids and eyebrow tattoos.
  • Those whose eyebrows ends are sloping down.
  • Those who have asymmetric eyebrows.
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Procedure of Sub-brow Lift

An incision is made underneath the eyebrow, then the excess muscle and skin will be shapen in order to achieve the satisfying for the patient and at the end the lifted skin is fixed to prevent recurrence of sagging.

There Are Some Key Aspects To Fulfill Before Surgery

  • Any type of liquid or solid substance should be avoided for 4 hours before surgery.
  • To avoid contact with the operated site of the face, patients should wear clothes that are easy to avoid contact with the area, a T-shirt or an oversized shirt might be sufficient enough.
  • Smoking irritates your respiratory system, causing the patient to coughs and sneezes which might cause bleeding and negatively affect the surgery, patients recommended stop smoking two weeks before surgery.
  • A severe cold on the day of the surgery should be reported to your doctor, as it can affect your respiration.
  • Some medications can increase bleeding by interfering with hemostasis like aspirin or vitamin E pills. It would be best to avoid taking any 7 days prior to the surgery. If there are any prescribed medicine, the doctor should be informed about it.
  • It’s best to wash your hair and body on the day before the operation. On the day of the surgery, you’ll be required to remove your makeup and brush your teeth. Remove your manicure and pedicure, contact lenses, or any type of accessory.

Caution After Eye Surgery

  • Take your prescribed medicine on time and avoid aspirin as well as hormonal drugs.
  • From the day after your stitches are removed, you can wash up and take a shower. However, refrain from public bathhouses and saunas.
  • Everyone’s body heals at a different rate, give yourself time for the bruising and swelling to go down.