What is Receding Chin Correction?


When the patient’s lower jaw is overdeveloped and the chin is angled, this look makes the whole face look big. This type of face structures can be surgically turned into a V-shaped which is where the name of this surgery comes from.

Correcting a square jaw with this method of surgery gives the patient more of sharper look. With the addition of a genioplasty surgery, this effect can be improved even further. Of course, there are different cosmetic surgeries you can do to enhance this effect like jawline fillers and such but genioplasty’s results match well with V-line surgery’s results. A patient can do without one naturally, but this mix can enhance the results drastically.

Receding chin correction is recommended to you if:

  • The space between your neck and face is unclear.
  • The contours of your face are not natural due to your short chin.
  • Your mouth looks protruding due to a short jawline.
  • You don’t like how your chin looks.

V-line Surgery is recommended to you if:

  • You want a better facial shape from every angle.
  • You have a wide and round lower jaw.
  • You have a flat lower jaw.
  • You have a long or an asymmetric jaw.
  • You who have a square jaw.

Features of JW’s V-line Surgery


After the operation, you will have a smooth face with no bumps


The surgery is performed with a small incision inside the mouth. You will have no external scars whatsoever.


The osteotomy method and the removal of muscles and fats are selected depending on each patient’s condition, such as the shape and jaw size.


Our partnered doctors are known worldwide for their expertise and professionalism


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#1 | Long-curve Square Jaw Ostectomy

Long-curve square jaw osteotomy is a surgery that cuts the lower jaw from the under-ear part to the mouth corner in a long-curved shape. This operation changes a square lower jaw to a smooth and eye-catching jawline from both at the front and side.

This procedure can be performed even to those whose jaw is severely asymmetric.

#2 | T-shaped Ostectomy

T-shaped osteotomy is a procedure that cuts the wide anterior jawbone in a T-shape which is then moved inwards into middle.

The width of the chin can be reduced, and the chin shape can be corrected, making the overall jawline into a slim and elegant V-line shape.

#3 | Cortical Osteotomy

Cortical osteotomy is an operation to create a slim jawline by excising an appropriate amount of the outer cortical bone as if peeling a thick banana peel.

Although the outer cortical bone is only cut for about 2mm, it makes a big difference on the full face. Also, if muscles or fats are overdeveloped, they can be removed at the same time to achieve a more pronounced effect.

Since the cortical bone is located close to the skin, it should be operated on by an experienced specialist as it may cause unexpected side effects of secondary angles, which may result in unevenness or other angles on the face.

#4 | Masseter Muscle Reduction

It is a procedure to decrease the number of muscle cells by using radiating high frequency with a micro-syringe. By this method, the degenerated muscle cells will not be regenerated  again, so it can classified as a semi-permanent procedure.

Particularly, when the masseter muscle is overdeveloped due to the chewing function, the thickened muscles can be reduced to obtain a slimming jawline effect.